Eddy Current Testing

Inspecting material under its coating

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Eddy Current Testing is a way to detect possible defects under a coating. This NDT method is applicable on all materials that conduct electricity. As there is no need to remove the coating, it also saves both time as well as money. NDO Nederland conducts this test on-site; a free advisory report is always included.

  • Reliable inspection of coated materials
  • Suitable for all conductive materials
  • Advisory report always included
  • Independent test results
  • Prevents unnecessary costs

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Need Eddy Current Testing?

Quick reliable inspection of coated materials
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Advantages of Eddy Current Testing

This type of NDT is particularly suited for coated materials. It offers quick results, without even removing the coating. In addition, it can be implemented on all conductive materials. This makes Eddy Current Testing especially useful during maintenance work. It also is quite clean, as it leaves surfaces unaffected.

  • Reliable inspection of coated materials
  • Suitable for all conductive materials
  • Especially useful during maintenance work

How does Eddy Current Testing work?

Eddy Current Testing is a NDT method based on electromagnetism. We use a coil through which an alternating current is passed, generating a magnetic field. In conductive materials this causes a so-called ‘eddy current’, which in turn generates its own magnetic field. Defects can be identified through differences between the initial and the secondary field. It is important that Eddy Current Testing is conducted by an experienced tester, as it is quite tricky to implement.

Both carbon material as well as non-ferrous material can be inspected. This can be done up to 6 respectively 20 millimetres deep.

Relevant markets

Olie, Gas En Wind

Oil, gas & wind

Grond ,weg En Waterbouw

Civil Engineering

Staalbouw En Staalconstructie

Steel & Non-Residential Construction

Eddy Current Testing can be applied when working on – for instance:

  • Wind farms
  • Welding joints in stadiums
  • Maintenance of for example bridges and sluices
  • Crane maintenance

Frequently asked questions about Eddy Current Testing

Wolter Van Der Zee


Wolter van der Zee
QA/QC / Level III NDT Engineer



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