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As part of Inspecto Visio we have been working for big corporates for years now, for instance in the oil and gas industry. Increasingly however, small and medium-sized enterprises have been finding their way to us. Especially for those SMEs we have founded NDO Nederland.

NDO Nederland makes non-destructive testing accessible for each SME that seeks more quality assurance. That wants to prevent being confronted with enormous repair costs afterwards or damages due to late deliveries.

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Why would you have non-destructive testing be conducted by NDO Nederland? Because we can help you save a lot of money and time. In construction regulations are not always properly met, though requirements are strict. Often damages or defects can still be inexpensively and quickly repaired in an early stage. However, the later you discover a problem, the bigger the consequences can be. By regularly having non-destructive testing conducted, the quality of your product is ensured, preventing financial losses due to repairs and delays.

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In order to be of service to as many as SMEs as possible, we offer a wide range of Non-destructive Testing Methods. We can lend a helping hand in various situations. For instance with repairing a bridge or building steel constructions. Besides our regular tests, we also offer customised services. What’s more: we love to get challenged to find solutions nobody has managed to come up with yet!

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Obviously you would like to know whether we provide high-quality services. Please check our certificates for reassurance.

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