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NDO Nederland offers top quality Non-Destructive Testing for small and medium-sized enterprises who work with metal.

NDO Nederland is a sister company of Inspecto Visio. Where Inspecto Visio primarily operates in the world of large corporates, NDO Nederland focuses on SMEs. Though there are a number of industry sectors we work for regularly, we could in fact help any company that works with steel and needs Non-Destructive Testing.

With our broad range of testing we allow many companies to avoid high repair costs as well as delivery delays. We also always offer precise recommendations regarding possible repairs and how to avoid certain risks.

NDO Nederland always tries to think along with you. We come up with solutions for inspection problems through our NDT level III services and develop inspection procedures. We conduct cross-checks regarding matters with have already been accessed by other inspection companies.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

No matter what kind of machinery you build, we can test every welding joint, surface or bolted connection for problems. For instance regarding lifting equipment: before and after a load test and during new (housing) developments.

Grond ,weg En Waterbouw

Civil Engineering

Due to our cordless equipment we can always work on site, even if it is difficult to access. If necessary we have work vessels at our disposal allowing us to work safely on water.

Staalbouw En Staalconstructie

Steel & Non-Residential Construction

In the Steel & Non-residential Construction sector the pressure can be quite high. Rules are not always observed properly, causing possible problems. However, our Non-Destructive Testing for SMEs in this market always manages to help you get right on track again.


Food Industry

Non-Destructive Testing in the Food Industry is an art in itself. We at NDO Nederland know all about it. That’s why all our special equipment is very clean and carefully disinfected. Other tools such as ink and other fluids are also different, allowing you to keep producing safely.

Scheepsbouw En Scheepsreparatie

Ship Building and Repair

Anyone who works in the Ship Building Industry knows that deadlines are extremely tight. In order to be of better assistance to you in this regard, we are very flexible. This means – among others – being on call 24/7, even if your ship isn’t in a dock or harbour. That things can get a little rough in Ship Building, is a given. No problem, we’ll always find the best solution to achieve the desired result.

Olie, Gas En Wind

Oil, Gas & Wind

In the oil, gas and wind sector extremely high safety demands are imposed. Thanks to years of experience we are very much aware what the demands of our clients are. Working under strict supervision: just ‘another day at the office’ for us. Due to our experience regarding drilling rigs and wind mills, we know exactly which locations require some extra attention, allowing us to conduct our inspections quickly and efficiently.

Chemische Industrie

Chemical Industry

Avoid unnecessary outage or delay by preventive maintenance. By analysing inspection data in different intervals, we are able to develop a proper long-term maintenance plan.

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