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Preload control during tightening

The right preload is crucial for the bolts in your construction. Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing uses ultrasonic sound for accurate real-time preload control during tightening. Thanks to this unique method¸ adjustments can be made in time when things start to go wrong, preventing expensive possible future repairs. We conduct out testing on-site and offer free advice in our test report.

  • Quick results and on-site testing
  • Bolts and nuts tightened precisely to the correct level
  • Adjustments during tightening 
  • Advisory report always included
  • ISO 9001:2015 & VCA* certified

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Advantages of Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing

The main advantage of this non-destructive testing method is that it prevents both over-torqueing (and possibly breaking bolts or nuts) as well as under-torqueing (too loose bolts or nuts). In addition, all measured results are stored offering the possibility to check whether bolts have loosened over time.

Contrary to many other methods, testing can be conducted real-time during tightening, allowing direct adjustments. Thus, it becomes fairly easy to implement correct preload values.

In addition, our measurements are not influenced by the thread friction coefficient. This offers the possibility to determine which lubricant works best, increasing the life of your tools and reducing costs.

  • Bolts and nuts tightened precisely to the correct level
  • Storage of measured data
  • Adjustments during tightening

How does Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing work?

Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing involves implementing measuring equipment we have optimised together with the manufacturer for this particular application. We have also contributed to the design of the probe as well as developed a so-called shutoff-box. Thanks to this method, the bolts in your construction can be tightened with precisely correct preload values. This prevents expensive repairs afterwards. Even during tightening accurate real-time preload measurements are possible, allowing direct adjustments if necessary.

During tightening, ultrasonic sound is used to determine correct preload values. As soon as preload values are getting close to reaching their correct level, the shutoff-box ensures that the tightening tools slow down. As soon as the correct values are reached, the pump stops. Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing can be conducted during both the installation as well as the maintenance phase and is applicable on all types of bolt joints.

Relevant markets

Olie, Gas En Wind

Oil, gas & wind

Grond ,weg En Waterbouw

Civil Engineering

Staalbouw En Staalconstructie

Steel & Non-Residential Construction

Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing is also suitable for:

  • Nut and bolt joints, monopiles and transition pieces
  • Infrastructure anchors
  • Modular spreader bars
  • Practically all nut & bolt or flange joints

Frequently asked questions about Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing

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