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Quick assessment of joints through ultrasound

Your construction is as strong as its weakest joint. Ultrasonic Testing provides quick reliable results regarding various joints, from welding to casting to casting to adhesive joints. Possible defects immediately become visible, determining whether a joint meets requirements or has to be repaired. NDO Nederland conducts Ultrasonic Testing on-site and subsequently offers a free advisory report in order to prevent possible similar future problems.

  • Direct results and accurate localising of defects
  • Suitable for all kinds of materials and joints
  • Clear advisory report included
  • On-site testing
  • Short turnaround times

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Advantages of Ultrasonic Testing

A major advantage of Ultrasonic Testing is the fact that the results are far quicker available than for instance X-rays. Our inspector can immediately determine the quality of a joint on the spot. In addition, he can also very accurately indicate where it is located, thus allowing quick repairs. Another advantage: no permits are needed, preventing any production delays as is necessary with X-rays. Our portable equipment also allows us to conduct Ultrasonic Testing at hard-to-reach places.

  • Direct results and accurate localising of defects
  • Suitable for all kinds of materials
  • Mobile testing equipment

How does Ultrasonic Testing work?

Ultrasonic Testing applies so-called ultrasound. Its frequency is too high for us to hear. This sound is produced by a detector containing a piezoelectric transducer. A sound wave is sent into a material and reflected by possible defects. This reflected signal is translated by a diagnostic machine, thus identifying any imperfections in the material.

Ultrasonic Testing is used to check all kinds of joints and materials. It is a quick way to determine whether a whether a joint meets requirements or has to be repaired.

Relevant markets

Staalbouw En Staalconstructie

Steel & Non-Residential Construction

Scheepsbouw En Scheepsreparatie

Ship Building and Repair

Olie, Gas En Wind

Oil, Gas & Wind


Food Industry

Frequently asked questions about Ultrasonic Testing

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Wolter van der Zee
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